Who Are We?

We are the Sisters of St. Clare.  We originate from "The Poor Ladies" of Assisi whose founders are St. Francis and St. Clare.

Today we are apostolic contemplatives, living lives of prayer in community and giving whatever service we can, especially to those who are most needy.

In the spirit of Francis and Clare, we try to bring the love and peace of Christ to all people.

What Is Our Mission?

We are engaged in -

The Ministry of Prayer.

  • Education in all its forms.

  • Care of deprived children.

  • Care of the elderly.

  •  Social and Pastoral work in the local Church.

  • Evangelization.

  • Central American Ministries .

  Where Are We?

  • North America: California, Delaware, Florida

  • Central America: Guatamala, El Salvador

  • Ireland

  • England